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Charlbury Osteopaths is a small friendly practice dedicated to helping people, in and around Charlbury, West Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, to look after their health. Laura Humphreys, the principal osteopath, is able to address a wide range of problems employing a range of techniques ranging from gentle, cranial treatments to the more robust manipulative techniques. The choice of treatment will depend upon the specific requirements of each case, depending on age, health and personal preference.


As osteopaths, we help get you on the road to recovery without the use of drugs or surgery. Our methods are 100 percent natural and are based on years of osteopathic training and experience.

How can osteopathy help you?

Charlbury Osteopaths is a small patient focused practice which is able to help with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, a few of these are listed below:-

  • generalised aches and pains
  • joint pains including hip and knee pain from arthritis
  • arthritic pain
  • general , acute and chronic backache
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • muscle spasms
  • sciatica
  • neuralgia
  • minor sports injuries and tension
  • discomfort associated with pregnancy
  • postural problems associated with work position

One particular benefit of this type of treatment is that we have time, this is especially important as GP's are increasingly overextended and have limited time with each patient. The initial consultation takes about an hour, this time is needed to determine the likely cause of a persons complaint and whether osteopathic or medical treatment is more appropriate. Osteopathic training is long and intense and involves much work on determining whether the likely cause of an individual complaint is from the muscles and joints or referred from problems elsewhere in the body. Osteopaths are trained to examine these other systems in order to recognise and refer those which require a different approach. 


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It is easy to make an appointment just call 01608 811 999 or 07811103450 or

email info@charlburyosteopaths.co.uk

If you are not sure whether osteopathy is suitable for you, Laura would be happy to discuss your particular situation and direct you appropriately if she feels that this is not the right place for you.