Laura Humphreys, Registered Osteopath                          GOsC Reg No:5/1731/F

Laura Humphreys is a  Registered Osteopath who has practiced since qualifing from the British School of Osteopathy in 1993. She successfully completed a Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford Brookes, in 2011, reflecting her special interest in neurological disorders.


Currently Laura works  Banbury on Wednesday morning and Thursday evenings where she enjoyes working with physically active individuals such as farmers, horse riders and others involved in outdoor pursuits while the rest of the week in spent working at the Charlbury Practice.


During her earlier years of practice, Laura was very involved in the treatment of women during pregnancy having experienced some of the discomfort that can be brought about as a result of the body changing to accomodate the growing child and the relief provided by osteopathic treatment. This is a particularly good time to address these problems as the pregnant body is very responsive to physical therapy. During this time osteopathy can help the muscles and joints cope with the demands of pregnancy, this can, on occasions, simply involve massage of the overworked muscles.


Laura spent one year working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children treating children and babies with a range of health problems some severe others less so. Although Laura is able to address a range of childhood issues, more complex problems may be referred on to specialist practitioners such as The Haydens at Church Down Osteopaths, Cheltenham or The Osteopathic Centre for Children in Manchester and London 


For the past 10 years Laura has been working as a tutor on the Oxford Brookes University Osteopathic Programme, whilst running a successful practice in Charlbury, Oxfordshire. She has had many years experience treating, using both cranial and structural osteopathic techniques. She has seen a variety of patients, both young and elderly presenting with number of different complaints ranging from simple muscle and joint pains to more complex problems. 


Laura is a member of The British Osteopathic Association, The Oxford Osteopathic Network (OON) The Sutherland Cranial Foundation, The Osteopathic Sports Care Association and is registered with The General Council and Register of Osteopaths (GoSc).




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