COVID-19 What do you need to do.

I am trying as hard as i can to protect everyone from the coronavirus and as some of my patients are clinically vulnerable this is still important even though many of us are being vaccinated. You can all help by following the simple instructions below:


If you develop covid symptoms such as a temperature, loss of taste or smell and a new continuous cough. Cancel your appointment and book a covid test using the telephone number 119 or online at


If you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus, please delay your appointment until you have completed your isolation period


Please wear a mask when you arrive at your appointment


Please sanitise your hands on entering the practice 


What am I doing


I am cleaning everything that you will be in contact with between appointments using antiviral cleaners


All linens and clothing are washed after every appointment to avoid having to try to treat using one use plastic gowns or aprons. Similarly I will regularly wash and sanitise my hands rather than treating in disposable gloves unless there are specific reasons why I should treat using gloves


I will wear a disposable medical mask 11R 


My treatment room will be aired between appointments


I will have sufficient times between patients to enable me to clean and air the room and avoid patients coming into contact with each other


Please let me know if you develop symptoms of covid up to 2 days after our appointment in order to protect others from infection